Slide Drop Pendant

Slide Drop Pendant

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An elegant pendant by the bed or dropped in over a dining table.



8-10 weeks

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Meet The Slide Family

With our Slide Family, we put a finer point on the classic cone pendant, achieving a purity of shape by using a shade that comes to a point unaltered by hardware or finials. The precise angle of the shade gives the impression of an equilateral triangle, perfectly in balance. The linen-clad shades connect to elegant brass arms by pivoting joints that allow our Slide fixtures to be set at a variety of angles. Available with a 10" or 16" shade.

The Slide Drop Pendant descends elegantly on a brass arm that can be sized to a variety of lengths. Linen Blend Fabric Shade in 10” or 16” Diameters. Brushed and Waxed Brass Arm & Components.

What customers say: "The craftsmanship and personal touch of the artisans making Ravenhill fixtures set the brand apart from the masses." -Todd M