Grain Barrel Pendant

Grain Barrel Pendant

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A simple shape with visual lightness.



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Meet The Grain Family

What was meant as a warning from our fabricator in L.A. – that occasionally a trace of wood grain from the tool used in metal spinning could be seen in finished parts – became the focal point of our Grain Family. We invented a process to celebrate this tooling mark. Working with a pattern maker, we create custom molds from maple boards, and sandblast them to raise the wood grain. They're then spun on a lathe at the same speed as a flat sheet of aluminum, which forms around the mold to create a metal shade. After each run of 25 parts the mold is sandblasted again, exposing fresh grain and slowly eroding the wood tool. 

Simple in shape and visually light, the Grain Barrel’s sides reflect and illuminate the vertical wood grain pattern imparted on the shade during spinning. Spun metal with exposed woodgrain. 

What customers say: "Very responsive customer service, excellent quality and workmanship!" - Angela J.