Cord Sconce Plug-In

Cord Sconce Plug-In

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An evolutionary descendant of Jean Prouve's Potence Lamp. Also available hard-wired.



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Meet The Cord Family

The Cord Family is a celebration of form driven by physics. The series began as an exercise to simplify Jean Prouvé’s classic Potence lamp by using the fixture's electrical cord in place of the guy wire. The result is a pleasing symmetry between the structural elements. The family utilizes the principle of tensegrity, or floating compression, where the compression of the steel arm resists the tension of the cloth electrical cord to hold the custom ceramic socket aloft.

The Cord Sconce stores flat against the wall and can be swung out to provide light where and when you need it. Ceramic socket. Metal rods. Cloth covered electrical cord. Also available as a hard-wired Cord Sconce.