Southall Schindler

R.M. Schindler Southall House

Brendan & Margie's Echo Park home was commissioned in 1938 by Mildred Southall, a visual piano teacher, and built for just $6,000. Southall was a visual piano teacher, and her relationship to music was a driving part of the home's design. The house is a sculpted
series of rectangles oriented like an overlapping Venn diagram, and the dining and kitchen area is where these volumes overlap.

Esther McCoy, in her seminal work Five Architects, wrote of the Southall house: "The plywood which formed an interior and exterior skin was treated with remarkable sympathy. This product of industry had great pliancy in Schindler's hands and was applied with considerable frankness."

Photos by Laure Joliet, Chantal Anderson, & Kalon Studios