Sea Sauna

The Sea Sauna

For about 10 weeks a year, the Sea Sauna floats in the Maine harbor where Brendan grew up as a summer kid, then as a year-round lobsterman, then as founder of a wooden boat-building program. It took a few summers of daydreaming about building a sauna to float on the cold waters of Maine before everything unexpectedly fell into place during the pandemic summer of 2020. In one weekend that June, friends offered a sauna stove, a finger float, and a mooring to the cause, and the Saturday work began.

The Sea Sauna uses cedar as its central material because it withstands wet conditions and emits that classic woodsy, pencil-shaving sauna scent. A dustpan made from shingle scraps rests on a nailing strip. Local beach stones are stacked on the stove in a basin welded for that purpose.

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