Meet Our Vendors

Making Things in L.A.

Our team is supported by a resilient network of craftspeople who are experts in their materials and methodologies. Our vendors provide us with the very best custom components and knowledge to create work that resonates with our clients for years. They are an essential part of the community that allows our small team to work at a commercial scale.

At right, Charlie from Ordway

We've worked with vendors like Rosalio at H&H Mfg. & Metalspinning for more than a decade.

The knowledge of experts like Rosalio inspires and informs our development process. Years back when we were designing a spun metal trash can for the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, Rosalio warned us that impressions from the maple mold used in the spinning process could sometimes be seen on the final spun metal piece.

That conversation inspired our Grain Family, which we designed to amplify and celebrate those woodgrain impressions.

We couldn't do what we do without vendors like H&H.