Our third annual Everyday Objects guide features essential daily objects submitted by 30+ designers, architects, artists, curators & others. Each year we ask fellow creatives to tell us about an object that occupies their daily life, often lasting for years or even decades because the object is best in class at doing its simple daily task.

To use the words of our many contributors, this year's objects bring practicality, satisfying materiality, efficiency, and joy to daily life.

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Salt Cellar

Submitted by WORKSTEAD

The daily object of our lives for the past 10+ years. A delightful little tabletop vessel for salt, with a little brass spoon. It’s called a ‘Salt Cellar’ which is such a lovely term! By Akira Satake.

Pink Light Bulb

Submitted by STUDIO YEARS

Such an easy, low-tech way to change the atmosphere of a room.

Cast Iron Door Stop

Submitted by MARTA

We use it every day as the door stop for our big doors at the gallery. The finger-handle is particularly convenient and generous. By Joshua Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co.

Clothes Pin

Submitted by SCP LONDON

I just bought a box of 24 for a friend who complained that his plastic ones shatter over time. Wood ones last for years. Available everywhere.

Freemans Measuring Tape

Submitted by STUDIO-MLA

We love these for everyday measuring on the go. From site visits to measuring a bench at lunch, they help us continue learning about the built environment and how we can make comfortable and appropriately scaled spaces.

Kuretake Gansai Water Color Kit


The water-filled brush picks up and distributes pigment with the freedom of line of Sumi ink drawings, but in full color. The handy carrying case makes this an on-the-go favorite.

Kinugawa Dive Mask

Submitted by GRAIN

We live and work on an island in the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest. Being in the water as much as possible is a big part of our everyday family life. This year when our youngest daughter finally became a strong enough swimmer, we purchased our fourth Kinugawa Pacific Co. Dive Mask so that we now all have our own. They have a large oval shaped glass window which allows for the maximum view when exploring underwater. We also appreciate that they are made of thick rubber that fits each of our faces comfortably and doesn't get brittle or crack over time. Made in Japan since 1955.

Tenkara Fly Rod

Submitted by MADERA

Because there are many rivers, and when you have two kids and a business to run fishing is rarely planned. The entire kit fits in my glove compartment!

Twemco Flip Clock

Submitted by ELLIOT MEIER

This flip clock is so cheerful, I love how the top of the hour is accentuated with the subtle sound of all of the panels aligning.

Solid Brass Ruler

Submitted by NFS

If I have to have a practical object then I want it to be the coolest, vintage version of that object. This solid brass ruler does the trick & it doubles as a handsome paperweight. It's a win-win. 12" long. By Dixie Seal & Stamp Co.

Aether Apparel Motorcycle Gloves

Submitted by Jon Kleinhample of KLEIN AGENCY

I love these bike gloves. Use them every day and they only get better and better with time.



These are my daily glasses for glassblowing in the studio. Love the color of these and their uniqueness.

Straw Cleaner


I've gotten pretty obsessed with making smoothies every single morning. I think it's up to 12 ingredients now. These straw-cleaners work well for clearing out any gunk in metal or glass straws. Nobody wants a surprise in their straw! And they're made in the USA.

Mono Stainless Steel Tray

Submitted by FOR SCALE

Mono, makers of deliciously German wares for the kitchen (and home), unsurprisingly deliver one of the most hardwearing and versatile trays around. With reversible PVC inlay. 

Maldon Sea Salt


We use it every day, and it is a lovely object on the counter.

Our Place Stacking Glasses

Submitted by Afsheen Lalani of RAVENHILL STUDIO

I like functional things, anything that stacks and takes up less space. I'm always replenishing these when they break. Easy to find and always in stock.

Paris Multi Skate Tool

Submitted by Russell Hill of RAD FURNITURE

If a skate tool is something you might use, this is the one to have and to hold. This tool is one of those elegant combos of simple mechanics and friction fit forms. Designed by our friend and former pro skater-turned-inventor, Joey Pulsifer. Five tools in one designed to break down and slot together to a compact version that fits in your pocket. We love it.

MADRE Picnic Napkins


These are all mismatched with contrast stitch trim and oddly bring me a lot of joy. The colors are playful and chic.

Camelbak Fanny Pack

Submitted by Valeria Buttaci Rincon of RAVENHILL STUDIO
I love this fanny pack for short hikes because I don't usually like carrying a big backpack but still need my water, phone and wallet. I love the insulated pocket for the bottle and love the bottle because I don't have to open it or deal with spilling.

IKEA Watering Can

Submitted by Emily Mast of THE FEEL

This watering can doubles as a bud vase and makes me smile every time I use it.

Leather Placemat

Submitted by AGNES BADDOO

Leather Placemats, not just for dining!

Japanese Toolbox


Really everybody needs a toolbox in their life! Whether it’s for tools, art supplies, jewelry or Halloween candy. This is a super stylish Japanese cool one.

Hasami Mug

Submitted by Stephanie Cleary of MORROW SOFT GOODS

I use it everyday - it’s compact enough that they stack nicely as well. I travel with my mug to feel the normalcy of home.

Velvet Jewelry Box


These draw inspiration from the cantera and terracotta tiles in our Mexico city home. The memories of walking barefoot and the feeling of the warm rock against our feet reminded us of the soft Italian velvet, an experience of softness and warmth to the touch of the skin.

Citrus Squeezer

Submitted by Karen Spector of LOVERS UNITE

Salad? Michelada? Cocktail? No problem! The humble citrus squeezer is our most treasured kitchen object. Any brand will do, but this one seems beloved by many. Comes in colors.

Floral Society Garden Pruners

Submitted by KTISMA STUDIO

The key to bringing the beauty of the garden in to the house (or a specimen for project reference from the field).

Sondiko Cooking Torch

Submitted by Dan Kaplan of BOWERBIRD ARCHITECTURE

Can roast marshmallows for s'mores, and start raging fires in our fire pit.

Vintage Glass Pitcher

Submitted by Craig Matola of RAVENHILL STUDIO

eBay a pitcher. It's great to pour your friends a beverage from something with character.

Bells of Vienna Wind Chime


Shifting winds brought to life, so no day sounds the same.

Alessi Spice Grinder

Submitted by AMBRE JARNO

An object that I love, which is in the kitchen of all my houses in Paris and Lisbon and Ouagadougou. My favorite pepper mill, designed by Ettore Sottsass for Alessi! The grinding system is really high quality and you have a colorful sculpture at your table. I like the version in black red yellow.

MUJI Screwdriver Set


Ive been to Japan once, 19 years ago. I bought a few things while there. The only thing that survives is this brilliant MUJI screwdriver set. It fits flat in the smallest drawer. Of course a kitchen drawer. It has eight screwdrivers and a handle. However the best thing is the box. It keeps it all contained. It has an immediacy of use. I've had other screwdriver sets, this one wins. In typical Japanese ethos, it is not trying to be anything other than itself.