For the second annual Everyday Objects guide, we asked 35+ architects, interior designers, makers, photographers, and curators to take a moment to consider what object evokes deep loyalty in them. The objects they selected are the objects that enable our everyday. They are beloved because they’re pleasing to use, because they do their job completely.

Click on each image to go to the contributor's site. Some items may be no longer available.

Everyday Objects Vol. 1, Vol. 3

Iron Turtle Paperweight

Submitted by Molly Purnell of LAUN

It has a function but it also sits as a little piece of art on the desk.

Lemon Squeezer


The simple act of squeezing a single wedge of lemon suddenly feels whimsical and fanciful.

Duralex Glass

Submitted by LAURE JOLIET

Virtually unsmashable, they feel great in your hand. Bonus: The standard size can sub in for the top of a cocktail shaker.

Koh-I-Noor Clutch Pencil


I need to have a big hunk of lead in my jacket pocket at all times in order to not lose my pencil. I write on walls, paper, everything with this guy!

Classic Machined Pen


Simple, minimal and extra heavy. I have had it for about 8 years and use it everyday.

Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk

Submitted by PATRICK KIM

It’s so nice to draw on wood with or any surface to map out shapes. It’s pretty dust free and leaves a nice line.

Starrett 6” Combo Square


I buy these vintage on eBay. I look for ones engraved with the previous owner’s initials because you know they were cared for.

Wera Hex-Plus Keys


For the kind of work we do, these Wera wrenches are both the most effective and the most cost effective option we know of.

Ti Cobb Titanium Pipe


Designed for outdoor recreation. I also just love it as an object I keep on my desk among other things that soothe my visual self.

Dolphin Studio Calendar


Part of life in LA is never knowing what season it is. This is our tool of choice for remembering just that. Made by hand.

Tanner Goods Standard Mug

Submitted by Meegan Beddoe of LAUN

I bought a set of mugs as a present to myself when I became a registered architect. I love that I get to use something I love everyday.

Hori Hori Knife

Submitted by RON FINLEY

A great all around tool to use in the garden. It’s a tool you can have and use forever.

Single Service Coffee Maker

Submitted by Will Castleman of RAVENHILL STUDIO

Perfect for those who love traditional ground coffee in the morning. Most importantly it’s very easy to clean.

Imacasa Machete

Submitted by IAN COLLINGS

An absolute everyday necessity for life in the jungle.

Ceramic Mortar and Pestle

Submitted by FANNY SINGER

I make a salad every day & use it to pound the garlic for my dressing. Designed in collab with my mom (Alice Waters) & made by Colleen Hennessy.

Fabrique en France Desk Pad

Submitted by John Park of RAVENHILL STUDIO

Simple in its construction and functionality, perfect for jotting notes and remembering important things.

Cork Pops Wine Opener


I love this object because it makes quick work of the cork and it’s also a crowd pleaser. I have it in a fun color that makes me smile.

Growlerwerks uKeg 64

Submitted by Amber Earl of EARL HOME

We buy nitro cartridges, put our usual homemade cold brew inside, and we have our very own homemade nitro. It’s incredible.

Manos del Uruguay Mate


Our everyday companion, the mate, from a Uruguayan co-op founded by women for women.

Fake Fried Egg

Submitted by BAILEY HIKAWA

The best fake egg I’ve found. Sit it on the table or put it on the wall, you would be surprised how much joy a fake fried egg can bring.

Pacific Handy Cutter Knife

Submitted by Leah Ring of ANOTHER HUMAN

I use this bad boy everyday. Its neon green hue is not only my favorite color, it’s pretty hard to lose track of even when the studio gets chaotic.

Hobonichi Daily Planner

Submitted by ANDREI POGANY

This planner is the perfect size, it fits in my back pocket. EVERYTHING goes into this book. It has become both a planner and an archive for me.

Zwilling Kitchen Shears

Submitted by DESIGN, BITCHES

They work better than any other kitchen scissors we’ve tested and open bottles to boot!

Iris Hantverk Dough Scraper

Submitted by Claire Mazur of A THING OR TWO

I’ve never once used this thing to scrape dough, but I do employ it multiple times a day to clean off countertops.

Haws Watering Can


Sure you can use a less beautiful object to water your plants but what fun is that. Unchanged for 130 years.

Stanley No. 36 Level


A Stanley level, whether new, this Stanley No. 36 mechanics level, or my vintage Stanley wood and brass level.

Vintage Glass Juicer

Submitted by Jean Lee of LADIES & GENTLEMEN STUDIO

Whenever we travel, we go to local hardware or kitchen stores to find ubiquitous objects to collect and use as souvenirs.

McMaster-Carr Brass Cup Hook

Submitted by Rachel Bullock of LAUN

I use these for everything - hanging window coverings, actual cups, plants, my eye mask off my nightstand.

Heath Ceramics Small Ramekin

Submitted by Jordy Thomas of RAVENHILL STUDIO

A small but mighty vessel for all my snacks, sauces, and dips. I love the depth of the glaze color.

bX Ceramics 8.5” Pasta Bowl

Submitted by SING-SING

We eat most meals out of these. Makes it feel like you’re at a special restaurant whenever you eat at home.

Vintage Little Forks

Submitted by Erica Cerulo of A THING OR TWO

They’re great for snacking, but they’re even better for getting olives and pickles out of their jar.

Spoon Rest

Submitted by Ilka Perkins of PEOPLE'S POTTERY PROJECT

A kitchen essential. Proudly produced by formerly incarcerated members of People’s Pottery Project.

Olfa Snap-Off Utility Knife

Submitted by EUNBI

I use it almost everyday at least once. To cut, slice, scrape, sharpen, tighten the screw, as leverage. I love well made tools like this.

Mason Pearson Bristle Brush

Submitted by JEAN LIU

Here is one of my most beloved everyday objects. It continues to be the best way to tame the mane, so to speak.

Chapman MFG Screwdriver Set

Submitted by LINDA TAALMAN

This little toolset has saved my life so many times.

Magno Stationery Set

Submitted by JOEL CHEN

Utilitarian and crafty. Beautiful walnut grain and exceptional precise carving while being compact and able to travel well.

Morinoki Bread Knife

Submitted by RAPT STUDIO

We break bread for Toast Tuesdays weekly, it’s a ritual. We also cut open packages and chop flower stems when scissors won’t do the job.

Bialetti Espresso Maker

Submitted by Frances Merrill of REATH DESIGN

We have a collection of well used ones in every size depending on how many people we are trying to caffeinate.

Friedr.Herder Folding Knife

Submitted by NICOLE HOLLIS

I love my rounded handle folding knife from Da Knife Guy in Waimea Hawaii. To purchase, call Dennis directly at 808-936-0799.

Goodies Mini Sugar Pot

Submitted by Jacob Payne of LAUN

I recently came across this shop and love all their products. Everything has a great material quality and it’s all under $25!