We asked 40+ designers, makers, artists, chefs, & other creatives to tell us their favorite everyday object. Taken together their answers are a love letter to the objects that make doing everyday things delightful.

These unheralded objects evoke a deep loyalty in us. We’re drawn to their utility or the shape of them, but the objects themselves also shape us.

By offering us a bridge to a slightly better day - a more precise cut, a more desirable outcome - these objects earn their keep. They give us a lifeline to greater satisfaction in the routine of our daily tasks. Yet the objects themselves are often, as one contributor to this gift guide suggested, magically mundane.

Some objects simply do their job well. This gift guide is an offering of those objects, from people all over the country who work with wood, textiles, paint, paper, music, food, and more. We hope you find the same satisfaction we did in learning about them.

Click on each image to go to the contributor's site. Some items may be no longer available.

Everyday Objects Vol. 2, Vol. 3

Hand Carved Coffee Spoon

Submitted by Angie Myung and Ted Vadakan of POKETO

Making coffee is our morning ritual, it’s a time for quiet and prepares us for the day.

Kershaw Leek Knife

Submitted by Chris Earl of EARL HOME

I’ve had it for 10+ years and use it everyday.

Hori Hori Knife

Submitted by David Godshall of TERREMOTO

It’s the perfect gardening multi-tool in that you can dig holes with it, use the serrated edge for minor trimming, and if I were ever to encounter a bear in my garden, I’d rather that encounter happen while wielding this sharp menacing tool. RAWR.

Tea Strainer

Submitted by AJA BLANC

Delightfully boring in its effectiveness. Of all the tea strainers I’ve tried, this one is the best.

Shuro Brush

Submitted by JENI AFUSO

I use this in the kitchen to sweep coffee grinds and crumbs off the counter.

ARS SE45 Floral Shears


Lightweight, sharp as hell, best lil’ snippers for the green thumb in your life.

Joyce Chen Scissors

Submitted by Lauren and Peter Lemos of WAX PAPER

Very sharp and very strong for their size. Good for anything from lobster shells to chicken bones to paper.

Nail Clipper by KAI

Submitted by Airi Isoda and Ryan Upton of WRK_SHP

It’s rare to find a cleverly designed product that can still perform well with precision cuts. We love that it’s so useful, tiny and compact, we carry it around with us everywhere we go.

Indigo Patchwork Kit

Submitted by Lisa Cheng Smith of YUN HAI

For both garment repair and construction. This is an amazing shop that sells indigo from Japan via Taiwan (and ships to the US). Taiwan was once occupied by Japan and they have a big indigo craft scene there and people go crazy for it.

Creamore Bishop Twine Stand with Cutter

Submitted by Linda Hsiao of KNOTWORK LA

So essential to my packing of orders and nice to use with the cutter incorporated in the stand. Small thing that makes packing much more delightful.

3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector


Protects my ear drums and me from my thoughts by keeping me tuned in to tunes, podcasts. Let’s me know if I got a call I want to answer and says to others that I’m not trying to chit chat rn.

Pyramex Pathfinder Safety Glasses

Submitted by Hannah Go of RAVENHILL STUDIO

They don’t slip off my face like other safety goggles and they are the epitome of style.

Bodum Coffee Maker

Submitted by SALLY BREER

Because after you’ve broken 3 glass ones.

Antistatic Record Brush

Submitted by Mark Frosty McNeill of DUBLAB

A must for keeping vinyl albums spic-and-span before every spin. It’s not a glamorous object but it sure makes the music shine.

Ona Presidio Camera Strap

Submitted by TANVEER BADAL

It just feels like a natural extension of my body.

Pallabrousse Legion boots by Palladium

Submitted by JASON KOHARIK

They are a staple. A ‘can’t live without’ work boot. I order a half size up.

Goody Bobby Pin

Submitted by Jess Brown of Lady J PRESENTS & RISD

I grew up with Goody Brand so it holds a special place in my heart.

Commercial Swing

Submitted by MATT GAGNON

Swings are just disarmingly fun. As for authorship, it is like a wheel or a pocket. Who invented it? It doesn’t matter. We can all enjoy it regardless.

Sleep Mask

Submitted by HELEN LEVI

I truly use it every day and have bought these for family members as gifts.

Pilot Razor Point Pen

Submitted by Ellen Dusen of DUSEN DUSEN

Not only is it the most crisp, smooth pen for drawing and writing, aesthetically I find it to be a very pleasing object. It’s all function, super simple, with a tiny bit of flair — a yellow cap on top and a slightly shimmery black finish on the body.

HAY Water Bottle

Submitted by K’ERA MORGHAN

Numerous times I’ve dipped a brush into the water/tea I’m supposed to be drinking. So a closed water bottle makes this impossible to do but this one is also colorful enough to catch my eye and remind me to hydrate.

Stainless Steel Cup


It fits in my hand perfectly. I would say it feels instinctive, but I think it’s just as likely that my instincts themselves were shaped by this object, informing my sense of what a cup or glass should feel like. Buy at the link, or at your local Indian grocer.

Starrett 6” Steel Rule

Submitted by Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of KNOWHOW SHOP

An absolute must-have for anyone doing accurate work. It’s a ruler, a straightedge, cuts open boxes, sometimes a makeshift eating utensil, and a constant companion in our shop. I’ve had one of these in my pocket for almost 20 years.

Regular Spoon

Submitted by Peter Lowe of RAVENHILL STUDIO

The do-it-all spoon. You can start an old Honda with one. Buy at the link, or at your local thrift shop.