Beam Family

Beam Family

The Beam Pendant is our take on the classic typology of the shop lamp, using strips of high efficiency LEDs instead of old school fluorescents. When we started to design Beam, we were interested in studying the quality of LED lighting, as opposed to just the output.

Most LED lights are concerned only with maximizing wattage, which leads to hot spots. We wanted the Beam Pendant to cast an even, flattering light.

We also knew we wanted to work with inherently linear materials for Beam, ever inspired by Ray Eames' experiments with molded plywood. We decided on a material palette of oak plywood or sandblasted acrylic, with brass clips connecting the shades to complete the look.

The Beam Pendant reads as a bold graphic line in space, making itself known without dominating the conversation. Angled sides and rounded ends impart movement and directionality. In Opal, Beam projects light beyond its edges. In Oak, the opaque shades direct and bounce light downwards.

Seen from below, Beam showcases the elegant simplicity of its considered parts and palette.