Oak Beam Pendant

Oak Beam Pendant

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A refined linear fixture that casts an even, flattering glow.



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Meet The Beam Family

The Beam Pendant is our take on the classic typology of shop lamps, using strips of high efficiency LEDs instead of old school - and inefficient - fluorescent tubes. Our Beam Family uses a strict material palette of plywood, extruded aluminum and rolled acrylic. We join and shape these materials into a fixture with angled sides and rounded ends that imply movement and directionality, not simply an elongated rectangle, but a bold graphic line floating in space. The effect of each considered part combines to create the Beam Pendant, a refined linear fixture that casts an even, flattering glow.

The classic typology of fluorescent shop lamps informs the shape and utility of our Beam Pendant. The opaque Oak shade directs and bounces light downwards. Brass clips are used to connect the shades and complete the material palette. Extruded aluminum and rolled acrylic with Warm White integrated LED.

What customers say: "Knowledgeable staff, great looking product!" - Jordan H.