Pivot Chandelier

Pivot Chandelier

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A visually light, well-balanced fixture with the added adjustability of spun metal shades. 



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Meet The Pivot Family

"I don't count the feathers in the wings, I just count the number of wings" - painter Charley Harper's minimal realism was an inspiration for the Pivot Family, designed to present a satisfying geometry trimmed of unnecessary parts. In our Pivot Family, "all the elements are perfectly balanced, without trimming or un-utilized parts," to borrow again from Harper. The geometry of the spun aluminum shade is designed to visually extend the lines of the steel arm and cloth cord that hold the shade aloft. The machined collar is a complex but essential component, providing an elegant transition from each shade to the more delicate lines of its supporting arm. 

The machined collar of our Pivot Chandelier provides an elegant transition from the shade to the more delicate line of the supporting arm. This custom piece cradles the spun metal shade, letting you point the light where needed and creating the pivot point that gives our Pivot Family its name. Spun metal shades. Cast components. Metal rods. Cloth covered electrical cord.

What customers say: "Living with Ravenhill Studio lights, you appreciate their soulful simplicity." - Kathryn M.