Church 3 Arm Pendant

Church 3 Arm Pendant

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An elegant solution for smaller spaces.



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Meet The Church Family

The Church Family was first created to illuminate California Modernist Rudolph Schindler's Bethlehem Baptist Church in Los Angeles. Schindler called his work “Space Architecture,” meaning he designed not just for structure but also the climate, light and mood of an interior space. Inspired by this thinking our Church fixtures are designed to cast light not down but up and out, with globe bulbs exposed and celebrated.

The three radiating arms of our Cord 3 Arm Pendant terminate in machined collars, which cradle spun metal sockets. A small triangular block holds the steel arms in compression, while the cloth-covered cord works in tension. Arms extend equally in all directions for a 34" footprint. Metal rods, sockets and collars. Cloth covered electrical cord.