Will Castleman

Quality Control Associate

Will Castleman, born and raised in Ypsilanti, MI.  From a teen, he always found interest in design as it relates to occupied spaces and also animation.  He was a part of the Michigan Building Trades program while in high school and participated in community service projects with Habitat for Humanity.  He studied at Boston Architectural College in Digital Design and Visualization.  He applied that learning in a professional occupation as a kitchen designer for 6 years.  Will believes that design is simply finding creative solutions to mundane problems.  He loves spending time at the movies, especially Marvel movies.  

Coke / Pepsi?
Always Coke

Marvel / DC?
Love both

Vacation on the Beach / Camping?
Camping in the fall, Beach any other time 

Michigan / Michigan State?
Michigan - GO BLUE!

City / Country?

Summer / Winter?