Pivot Family

Pivot Family

"I don't count the feathers in the wings, I just count the number of wings." - Charley Harper

Painter Charley Harper's minimal realism was a big inspiration for us as we developed our Pivot Family, designed to present a satisfying geometry trimmed of unnecessary parts.

To build the shade, we use two intersecting cones— one houses the socket, one houses the lightbulb. We designed the Pivot Sconce first in the series in order to work with these forms in their simplest instance. This allowed us to delineate the biased angle cut where the two cones of the shade meet, an early design move that helped everything click into place visually.  

Each spun aluminum shade is held in tensegrity by a steel arm and cloth cord. We drew inspiration from the constructive elegance of Serge Mouille's mid-century chandeliers, pairing sophisticated mechanics with timeless aesthetics, devoid of excess.

The machined collar, shown here in brass, provides an elegant transition from the shade to the more delicate line of the supporting arm. This custom piece cradles the spun metal shade, letting you point the light where needed and creating the pivot point that gives the family its name.