Josie Deranja

Josie grew up in Los Angeles, where the artistic and vibrant lifestyle shaped her outlook. College days consisted of graphic and studio arts, exploring the different avenues of creativity. After college she took up the chance to be a part of the family business. She joined her Dad and brother commercial fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska, a venture started by her grandfather in the 60’s. During her first summer fishing, Josie was all about mending the nets. From this she grew a new appreciation and respect for craftsmanship. Outside the Studio you'll find Josie fixing up her classic VW with her Dad or spending time with family and friends by the beach.


Movies / TV?

Big screen

Green grapes / Red grapes?
Frozen green grapes

Going out / Staying in?
Going out

Code words / Secret handshakes?

Secret handshakes

Morning / Night?


Plans / Surprises?

Winter / Summer?