Drum Making

Using Drum-Making Techniques in our Work

At Ravenhill Studio, we often use a specific manufacturing method or material property as a jumping off point for our designs.

Our Grain Drum is anchored in traditional drum-making techniques. Specifically, building a stave drum.

The approach is similar to barrel-making. Vertical wood pieces with bevelled edges are arranged to form a circle. These staves are glued and clamped. When the glue is dry, the outside and inside are usually lathed to achieve a smooth, round shell.

For our Grain Drum, we follow the same process. Maple boards are arranged vertically to form a circle, glued, clamped, then lathed. This shell is then sandblasted to raise the natural wood grain pattern of the maple boards so that the texture is imparted on the metal shade during spinning. 

The finished pendant shows off the natural wood grain of the original maple boards.