Daniele Cohen

Operations Director

Daniele began his design career at the ripe old age of five, building wooden cities out of scraps in his uncle’s woodshop in Israel. His love of making brought him to the University of Oregon’s Architecture program where he ran the model shop, spending his free time tinkering with laser cutters and CNC routers. Before joining BRS Daniele worked in Southeast Asia as an architect and sustainability strategist developing ecologically sensitive design solutions for buildings, objects and communities. When he’s not working you can find Daniele doing jiujitsu or taking naps, usually in that order.


Jiujitsu / Gym?

Zumthor / Zaha?

Arrested Development / Vice?
Arrested Development

Cooking / Washing dishes?
Washing dishes

French Toast / Pancakes?
French Toast

Hot tub / Hot springs?
Hot springs 

Flip flops / Slides?

Toilet paper over / Toilet paper under?
Toilet paper over

Pinky and the Brain / Rugrats?
Pinky and the Brain

Koopa Troppa Beach / Rainbow Road?
Koopa Troopa Beach

Salt / Pepper?
Salt n Pepa

Paper / Plastic?
Bring your own bag