Anya Gupta

Originally from India, Anya is a Singaporean citizen who has lived in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey, and the U.S. Her cultural origins and the many places she’s lived have shape her interest in art and design. She draws from the diverse beauty of her cultural environments and creates work that is maximalist and highly intricate, but, within that, maintains an emphasis on the delicate. Anya received a BFA in Furniture Design from RISD in 2019. While studying she developed a love for weaving and leather working, and still works with those processes, creating a variety of small objects at her home studio. In her free time you can find her cooking Southeast Asian meals and hosting elaborate dinner parties in her front yard.


Tea / Coffee?

English Breakfast with milk & sugar

Induction / Gas?

Maximalism / Minimalism?
Gaudy maximalism


Dry heat / Humid heat?

Hot and sticky humidity

Chocolate / Vanilla?

Veg-tanned leather / Chrome-tanned leather?
Veg tan