Alfie Sepuesca

Finance Manager

Reared outside of Napa, then schooled at UW-Madison, it became undoubtedly clear that a metropolitan life was beckoning.  Ultimately, LA TKO'd NY - better weather always wins out.  Our City of Angels offers remarkable culture, design, music, SPACE, style, and endless opportunity for enrichment.  Alfie spends copious amounts of his time exploring those facets with a Milk Tea + Boba drink in hand.  

Flowers / Driftwood?

Mary-Kate / Ashley?
Elizabeth (younger sister)

Drew Barrymore:  E.T. / Never Been Kissed?
90's Drew

Leather / Vegan Leather?
Depends on who I'm dating

Cologne / Essential Oils?

Cologne / Essential Oils?

Splash / The Little Mermaid?
Daryl Hannah hands down

Keith Haring/ Basquiat? 
Haring baby

Playa Vista / Santa Monica?
The Playa